A Talk With Fenil Sherdiwala

A Talk With Fenil Sherdiwala

On Release of Fenil Sherdiwala’s New Character Bajrangi

Fenil Sherdiwala the founder of Fenil Comics
Fenil Sherdiwala

On release of Fenil Comic’s new character Bajrangi , the creator and founder of Fenil Comics Mr. Sherdiwala talked with our representative Ravi Kumar on various questions related to fenil comics and other comics. So we are presenting all the conversation as an interview here in text format. He also gave asnwer of fan’s questions.

Fenil Sherdiwala is businessman from Surat , Gujarat who was passionate towards comics so much that he decided to create his own comics , just for passion not for any profit. so here we present few questions and their answers by Fenil Sherdiwala.

Question – Hello Mr. Fenil Sheridwala, welcome to comic haveli and thank you for giving us your precious time. So please tell us about your background before coming into comic industry?

AnsFirst, I want to thanks Comic Haveli for this honor! I was a business man but still associated with real estate, finance and ready-made garments. I became publisher because of my interest in comics but still consider myself a comic lover and I always will.

QFrom how long you are publishing comics?

first comics of fauld from fenil sherdiwala
Faulad – Fenil Comics

Ans– Since I started reading comics, love for comics have a place in my heart. But in 2011, I sent a story to a comic company whose concept was based on china toys. They didn’t like it. Everyone was putting art of their comics characters on orkut. I also put the art of my childhood character Faulad. Then I thought that ‘why shouldn’t we do it in right way’! Professional artists Dildeep Singh and Naval Thanawala worked out on the character and ‘Faulad’ was published in 2011.

QHow much comics did you publish till date?

Ans– 16 comics have been released from Fenil Comics till now.

QWhat is the name of new set or copy?

The first comic of Bajrangi of Fenil Comics from fenil sherdiwala
1411 – Fenil Comics

Ans-Our new title is superhero Bajrangi ‘s “1411”.

QFrom how many days you were working on it?

Ans-I created Bajrnagi in 2011. I wrote a script. I didn’t like it, so I changed his story many times. Then we started it’s artwork in 2014. Now, fans have our first comics.

Image result for fenil comics characters from fenil sherdiwala
fenil universe

QEvery publication have some characters, How much are there in Fenil?

Ans– I created 52 characters for Fenil comics including super heroes, super villains, side kick, monsters, ghosts,vampires and zombies. There are 9 main characters.

QHow many comics do those characters have?

Ans– 16 Fenil comics have been published till now.

QWill Balram ‘s “Das ka dum” made by separate artists from Facebook is going to be published?

Ans– Balaam’s”Das ka dum” will be a story collection consisting of three short stories. 1 story will come online from every book and remaining 3 will be published in book.

QIs the character in 1411 new or he appeared in any comic earlier?

Image result for Bajrangi fenil comics of Fenil Sherdiwala
Bajrangi – Fenil Comics

Ans– 1411’s character, concept, everything is new, forest affiliated character like him has not come till now. During creation of Bajrangi, I kept in mind that superhero should be completely Indian, should not appear like costumed foreign super hero, his costume should be completely Indian, he should be courageous warrior , nature lover, Indian culture embodiment and most importantly fans should like it  proudly and say “Our country, Our super hero Bajrangi”.

QAny offer with new comics?

Ans– From purchasing new comics 1411 from our online store, first 100 orders are getting Bajrangi art cards. These cards are available in limited edition and there is no future plan for printing them again.

QAny offer on old published comics?

Ans– We provided free shipping for 4 in 1 combo of old published comics which helped a lot of fans. Now, we are going to provide 7 in1 combo instead of this offer, which will have mini edition of new comics 1411. We will give these 7 comics at 340/- with free shipping and multi starrer poster.

QIs there any app?

Ans– There is Fenil comics app which is currently on testing mode. We ‘ll add some new titles in it.

QFenil Comics does not appear on railway station book stall. What is the reason according to you?

Ans- who said it? Fenil comics is available on railway stations of Bihar, Uttar pradesh and Delhi. It is also available on all 85 stations of Mumbai local. Maybe we are providing them less copies which run out of sales.

QToday everyone talks about Raj comics, What new things you are going to implement with Raj as competitor ?

Ans– Any company’s name is popular among fans due to it’s characters. If any comics company have to implement , then it should provide good stories and artwork of characters. That’s what we are doing now.  Fans liked the artwork and stories of  last 8 comics that means we are going in same direction.

QThe way raj comics took over Manoj and Nutan, did they give you any proposal like this, if yes then what was your decision?

Ans-Fenil comics have some thoughts about it and we’ll tell fans soon.

QThrough which mediums you are promoting Fenil Comics?

Ans-Fenil comics is promoted by social media but due to good stories and artwork, news articles are also cooperating with us through their platform,so this is a plus point for us.

 QThis question may have been  asked to you too many times, price of Fenil is much higher than other comics in the market , how do you justify it?

Ans– It has only one answer. Compare new released Fenil comics with two different company’s comics, the thickness of inner pages Fenil comics is better than cover page of other companies. Printing is also of various types, we use high definition print on ‘made in Korea’ machine.

QAnd if Dead end of 96 pages is available in 120 rupees, than dosn’t it look odd to take 225 rupees for 52 pages, what do you want to say to your readers on this topic?

Ans-I want to repeat my previous answer. Due to thickness of pages and high definition printing, new issues of Fenil comics have best quality. Many readers have suggested us to keep this quality.

QDo you take your stories from real life or small elements for most of the stories?

Ans– Writer always takes his ideas from surroundings to write a story. Like I have laptop answering this question. I can write novels on laptop also, I just have to develop ideas.

QPlease tell your favorite character from Fenil and other comics publications?

Ans– All the characters from Fenil are my favourite so choosing one of them is like father have to choose his favourite son. Speaking of other comics, there are lots of characters. Raj comics- Doga written by Mr.Sanjay Gupta, Doga written by Mr.Tarun, Super commando Dhruv and Nagraj by Mr. Anupam. Diamond comics- Agni Putra Abhay. Manoj comics-Ram Rahim. Fort comics-Jangaroo. Valiant comics- Shadow man. DC comics- Superman, Batman.  Marvel- Iron man. Gold- Phantom. I read all comics whoever is the publisher , everyone do hard work.

QIf you get a chance to recreate a character for other comics ,who will be it?

Ans– I really want to recreate,but maybe I am not getting that chance. I have only created Jamboo, Chacha Choudhary as a hobby.

QThe hero Bajrangi of your new comics 1411 is your mind’s creation or inspired from someone else?

Ans– Bajrangi is totally an Indian character. This is only my mind’s creation. I just thought that it should be the hero of jungle.

QAre you planning to bring any movie, tv serial or web series, if yes until how long readers can expect?

Ans– Yes, Fenil comics is working on it. We have announced Vetal web series, there are other projects also which I am not going to announce yet. I will announce it with full confirmation.

Q where do you find India (comics Industry) today?

Ans– Indian comics Industry have a lot of things to do now. After that, I can tell that I wanted to bring it here.

QAnd how can we put comics in main stream again?

Ans– By hard work.


QCan you give a video/audio interview on this topic, if yes then which medium and how?

Ans– Yes, I’ll give video interview but it’ll take some time ,  Thank you for Talking.

Note : you can purchase fenil comics by logging on to www.fenilcomics.com

we missed a question? ask in comments we’ll remember that next time.

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