Amar Prem

Publisher – Raj Comics
Series – Amar Prem Series
Writer – Tarun Kumar Wahi

Editor – Manish Gupta

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Sukanya – Amar Prem
Amar prem comic series fifth comic
Comic Amar Prem – Bhediya and Sukanya

Amar Prem Series

Amar Prem!!!

People usually talk about this

What is amar prem? How good is this?

The best ever amalgamation of love, emotions, feelings and sacrifice is amar prem

The best ever comic series in love genre in any comic universe is amar prem

No person can let himself out of the series once he/she is in

Each and every single pic and dialogue infiltrates the heart of the reader

The ending of the series is so sad

That No reader can keep away his tears from his eyes

It’s such an amazing series that after it is completed, the world seems nothing

There are no words that can describe how beautiful this series is

From my side, the most recommended series a reader can have.

– Pradip Burnwal



Love is a variety of different emotional and mental states, typically strongly and positively experienced, that ranges from deepest interpersonal affection to simple pleasure. In comics world, Raj Comics has redefined the meaning of Love in its most famous series known as Amar Prem. Here, in this post we’ll talk about that awesome series. 

– Anant Gupta

Amar Prem is not just comic series or just few paragraphs written by writer in these comics.

this is a feeling which can be felt in reading this series by both , who have experienced true love in

their life or who hasn’t. The pain of loosing current and accepting past or just to let go our

 Amar Prem can be life losing , you can see this only in this series. 

In my opinion every comics lover must read this series. If someone hasn’t read this series  then his /her 

overall reading experience is a fail.

I have read approx 3500 comics but when I got to read this , the experience and feelings were 

indescribable. This is a Mahakavya in my words.

In three decades of Raj Comics there is no other series which can be compared to this.

The Amar Prem Series has  18 comics.

15 sequential and last 3 as sub series.
And with this number Amar Prem stands the longest series published till date.
so whenever you get a chance to read , please read this.

this is also predicted that once a reader starts reading this series he/she can’t get up before finishing the complete series.

— Ravi Kumar  

Amar prem Series all Comics List
Amar Prem Series

The whole series is in reading order.

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Amar Prem – Two Liner Collage




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8 Comments on “AMAR PREM”

  1. Collage bahut behtareen h ravi ji… Aur aapke shabdo ne isko aur v jabardast bana diya h… Logo ko bahut aasani hogi sequentially padhne me… Awesome

  2. RK bhai my analysis on amarprem .
    Jaisa ki kaha gaya ki prem ki tulna nahi karna chahiye per aapne bola ki kiska prem amarprem tha .
    My take on this .
    1 .Kobi prem bhola bhala prem tha wo jen ko bht pyar karta hai uske liye kuch bhi kar sakta hai .
    2. Jen ka prem is some kind of hubby wife (natural prem) tha. She is soulmate of kobi/bhediya.issliye usme jealousy bhi thi insecurity bhi thi.
    3. Bhediya ka prem complicated prem tha pyar to hamesa wo jen se karta tha per sukanya ki maut se wo kabhi bahar nahi nikal paya. Suknaya ne usse pyar samjhya per usne suknya ko bht buri tarah thukrya tha. Iss guilt se wo kabhi bahar nahi nikal paya .aur jen ne bhi uski help nahi ki .wo insecure ho gai aur bhediya confuse ho gaya jen aur sukanya me.
    4. Now i m coming to my point sukanya prem jo mujhe lagta hai amar prem tha. Not just because usne apni jaan di balki uske man me kabhi bhi koi confusion nahi tha koi insecurity nahi thi.wo bhediya ki life me aai hi issliye ki usse pyar ko samjha sake.

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