Launch of Takshak -2 (TBS Planet)

TBS Planet is geared up to launch its another stupendous and most awaited comic “The Rise of Takshak. It is the second part of Takshak’s trilogy where the search for Kaal-Moti still continues.


Takshak has been banished from the snake kingdom in account of losing the pearl of time (Kaal-Moti) in human kingdom. He won’t be able to go back to his people if he fails to find it. In this comic, Takshak’s exciting adventure goes on as he visits different places in the quest.

Will he be able to find this pearl of time or will he be stuck forever in the human world? The answers to these questions could only be found in the upcoming series.


TBS Planet has launched many such soul-stirring comics and Takshak is one of them.

Takshak is a snake man with super powers like shape shifting. He unveils the story of mystery and adventure by entering into the human world.

TBS Planet has already published 18 comics in different genres ranging from Superhero to horror. TBS Planet has launched superheroes like “Varun”, “Karma”, “Ved”,  “Yug”, “Takshak”, “Rudra”, “Uttara” which are full of adventure and drama. Other comics like “13 Days” and “Footsteps” always grip reader’s interest by horror and mystery.


The next and final part of Takshak’s trilogy is“The search of Kaal-Moti” which will be out in this summer and also it is going to unveil the suspense of “Kaal-Moti”. Will Takshak be able to find the lost Kaal-Moti? Or someone else will get it before him?

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