Nagraj Janmotsav 2018 : not so close Encounter of a Virtual attendee

Hello guys and gals (if anyone reading it),

Raj comics has completed one of its most recognized event for the Year 2018, Nagraj Janmotsav.

since last year I completely missed this event (as I was not around to attend it), this year I booked the ticket a little early so I can attend it this year. But unfortunately got some urgent work and was in travel since Yesterday and reached home around 2 PM. I was completely exhausted as I couldn’t grab enough time to take rest and was in continues travel from last 30 Hours, so I completely forget about the event and took a power nap till my roommate woke me up for  cup of tea, and it was the time when I came out after taking a bath I saw a missed call on my mobile (from +917011******), generally I ignore all the call from unknown numbers, so I ignored the missed call, after some time Phone rang again, same number calling again. I saw it and put it aside when my roommate says, “Sonu just picked it up, maybe courier person calling you”, and she knows my weakness, so with a sudden fear of ill lose my courier packet I picked up the phone. There was a lady on another side, says


I said: ” Hello

She paused a lil bit after hearing me (Please note, I got a husky voice so people generally thought I am a male on phone)

She said, “Hello Sir”

after hearing Sir, I am about to blast her before she gets some peace of mind from me she spoke out and said, “I am calling from Raj comics” and this is the moment where I let my anger forgo and listen to her.

She said: “Sir you have booked a Ticket with the name of Sonaya Singh, Are you coming today? ”

then iI said, “Sorry I am not coming”

and our conversation is over, but once I am already upset with Sir part and then again she ruins my name, but I let it all go, Just because this is the first time I see RC is checking from Fans if they are coming or not. I am really impressed and this show they are a lil bit serious now.

now I called Mr Ravi to know how the event is going and who all reached there, and there he was completely enjoying the event and didn’t pick up my call, so I left a message on WhatsApp and then I see Sagarji is active on WhatsApp so I called him and see they are really busy so we couldn’t talk much and then I found that they are live on Youtube.

I have seen the entire events (from 5 PM) on youtube but got all the updates of events from WhatsApp, Thanks to technology.

sharing some pics for you,

Coupons to purchase the different type of comics, RC has planned everything so every one attended the event got a chance to buy their favourite comics.. the stalls are fairly planned.

Food is available, though I am getting a feeling of Barat da khana, and definitely people would have felt like a wedding when they were eating the food but in fact, this is what best of us Indian, a proper meal to satisfy our hunger. I have not tasted it but I bet It would be Yummy…

then there is some quiz for fans, and they completely nailed it, I have heard there is also some antakshari based on comics… But what all I hear it sound really interesting and felt like missed a lot of things

Please excuse for the pic, I didn’t find any other and people already made a meme out of it.

Now comes the Cosplay time, and who can miss all lovely Dhruv, Nagraj(s), Doga and Yodha, Sorry I couldn’t recognise who is at back if anyone found out please let me know in comments. Little yodha is so cute he is my fav this season.
Some Special collector editions available on Sale today and it’s a great opportunity for Fans to get their books autographed by real legends of comic Industries
Manoj Gupta, Anupam Ji, Sanjay Gupta, Talked about the journey and their upcoming plans, I don’t want to go in details, as 1) Quality of audio on webcast so very poor so I didn’t get much out of it, so please see this on youtube so you will get the direct message.
and Meet Doga, yes Hazel who played Doga in short movie.

trust me Movie is good, and this is what I heard from many people who attended the event.

I am eagerly waiting for its release on Youtube… 🙂


Overall the event was great and lots of fun, but there are some Low light, which RC should avoid and that’s not expected from a Brand like RC

  1. Time management: There is plan already rolled out with timing details and There are a lot of things delayed and not as per plan, so if you rolled out a time-based plan then stick with it, else just roll out a plan without putting the time in it
  2. Re-Entry Fees: RC this is not at all expected from brand like you, why you are charging INR50 from anyone who came out of venue and want to enter again, they have already paid for the ticket and that enough if you feel ticket price is not enough you could increase that with 50 initially instead of asking a reentry fees
  3. Audio Quality: Really it needs some improvement and a major improvement on the webcast
  4. A better host: you are doing an event where more than 200 people are gathering, and I suggest go for a professional host instead of just a fan. A host should be of pleasant personality, and people should adore him/her.
  5. keep someone from your team to review and delete inappropriate comments if there is any, today during live video someone posted a fantasy porn story in comments and they were lying there till the end, later someone deleted them, but a regular review is required if you are going online.



Disclaimer: This is my personal view, and the Comic haveli’s members may have some different thoughts.

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3 Comments on “Nagraj Janmotsav 2018 : not so close Encounter of a Virtual attendee”

  1. Nailed it
    Though you’ve not attended it but your description of the topic makes us realize that the event is happening before our eyes
    And yes that guy in the back is the the cosplay of YUGAM
    Great article Sonya ji
    And it’s a shame you couldn’t attend the mega event but so couldn’t I
    Well I’m gonna attend it the next year for sure

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