Robo : The Rise of Grandmaster!!! (1 of 2)

Robo- The Rise of Grandmaster

Recap: Robo is lying on his deathbed at one of his secret hospitals, Waiting for his daughter to see her last time, meanwhile he started remembering his past since his childhood.

Robert’s parents were one of the richest family in England, and very loving parents, who wished for a bright future for their one and only son. One day they died due to an accident and left little Robert an orphan. The court gave charge of business to a caretaker and Robert’s responsibilities to his nanny.

few years down the line when Robert is a teenager and in his senior school, he is a great player and very popular among his friends, and then he got news that due to some illegal activity in business the court sealed and confiscate entire property to recover fines and penalties, he also found his girlfriend cheating on him. Sudden loss of everything make him lost his patience, he attacked the guy with his GF, that lead him to Jail.

After returning from jail he tried a lot to settle back in society but no one accepted him. He only got his nanny along with him but she is only with some limited resources. He steals money for the first time to save her from death and entered into crime. Salvano felt some threat from Robert so he asks him to join his gang, but Robert refuses.

Salvalo is a mafia in England who reports to the kingpin of England, Albert, who rule entire underworld of many countries. When Robert declined Salvano’s offer he attacked Robert, which cost him his nanny in small gang war and Robert got injured very heavily with a hand grenade. In hospital luckily, Dr Schilder got this case and he uses his expertise in robotics to save the life of Robert, but that Day Robo born… who is destined to become Grandmaster Robo one day.

Till now you have read in my past story “Grand Master Robo”, you can read that again to know everything in details here.

Place: Robo’s Secret ICU

Robo is still waiting for his daughter to come before he lost control over his breath and his mind will start drowning in a deep darkness of unconsciousness or maybe death. But he still remembers the darkness which he felt when he was in death bed after the bomb blast.

Darkness is a beautiful thing when you enjoy its presence, darkness is the only truth which was there before Genesis and it will continue to be there post-apocalypse. darkness is bigger and stronger then light, any light source let it be a candle or a sun has very limited approach and limited life but darkness is vast and everywhere and its only thing which will last long even after eternity.

But out of this darkness if you see a ray of light that will give you hope, hope to survive and hope to live again… and Robert is running in this darkness going through his past life one by one, he can see his parents their dreams, then he comes across his GF who cheated on him, then nanny dying in from of his eyes and people who killed his entire gang, and bombed him. While going through this darkness he sees a ray of light coming from a distance place, A ray of light might be too week against the darkness, but it gave a hope, and hope is the only thing which motivates anyone to keep on going and achieve unachievable, Robert gather his entire power and start walking toward that ray of light and at last he is able to reach source and once he grabs the source of light, he wakes up….

In Robert’s ICU every one near Robert’s bed is putting their best efforts to save his life and suddenly, heartbeat scanner showing very low heartbeat rate started raising the bar and heartbeat rate raising is enough to get the attention of all the doctors and nurses especially for  Dr.Schilder and Dr Merriam (plastic surgeon).

When Robert opens his eyes, the first person he sees in front of him is Dr Merriam, She looks like an angel, initially Robert thought that he died and in heaven she is there to welcome him, it’s like, out of darkness a ray of light which comes to help him, is part of her radiance and its what attracted him towards her, but in a couple of moments he realised he is not in heaven but in a hospital and he is in tremendous pain, even after continuous dose of heavy painkillers can’t suppress all the pain, but a glimpse of the radiant beauty of Dr Merriam would give some relief.

it’s only when Dr Merriam left the room, he realised the tragedy happens with him, neither he can feel his entire left body, nor its responding, its like a paralysis situation for him, but his right body is also in such tremendous pain he can’t even raise his hand, and neither he could move his neck.. its like he got stuck and can’t move even after putting his entire force to do so. Meanwhile, Dr Schilder enters Roberts room,

Dr Schilder: Mr Robert, finally you are awake, how are you feeling now

Robert tried to speak but he realised he can’t, coz he cant moves his jaws. Dr Schilder understands the situation and said, “don’t worry I understand, don’t stress yourself. I think you can understand what I am saying”

Robert nodded and the Dr continued, “so Mr Robert do you remember you got attacked and someone throws a grenade on you..”, on which Robert nodded, and Dr think, “which is a sign that Robert memory is not impacted with the accident and treatment and its a great sign for starting”. Dr instructed a nurse to bring a display panel, and In some time they have arranged a big screen display panel in Roberts room, and nurse raised Roberts bed so he can see the panel properly. Dr Schilder started it and the first pic which same on screen is Robert severely injured, his half of body is blown away by Bomb and only right half is lying on the stretcher

Dr Schilder: as you can see, when we bought you here you are in a very severe condition, in 99.9999 cases no one survive in this situation but somehow you were holding your breath, and we decided to use a method of treatment which was never used before and is in research phase only.

when Dr Schilder changed the image on the screen, Robert’s one and only eye spread wide and for some moment his entire body goes numb, He sees his picture but half of his body is machine now. while Dr Schilder continues…

“If we left your body like that only there is only 0.000001% change of your survival and to save your life we need to give your body some organs which will continue some of the vital roles of a human body, so we decided to implant computerised machines to perform these actions, and with that we also able to provide you your left eye with a high definition camera, which make your vision much more clear.”

“I understand the next question you will ask is why can’t you move your body, well the answer is, we know it’s something very new to you, and when you woke up and seething like robotics part on your body and see some computer instruction directly in your brain you would be freaked out, so we put them on standby for a while, and now we can start them so you can see how they work and you also need to do regular training to understand how to use them.



Dr Schilder, Initiate the program to start all robotics equipment implemented on Robert’s body, Robert can feel a new energy flowing through his body, since all robotics part takes direct instruction from Robert’s nervous system he feel a different sensation in his nervous system, and in a few seconds he sees different visuals, where till now he can only see through one eye, now his second eye also became active and he can read many computer commands and instruction through his left eye, its like a computer screen in front of him, and he can see through it. Robert realised he would really be freaked out if he saw something like this when he woke up.

Dr Schilder said, ” Try if you can speak now…”

Robert first try to open his jaws, and when is realised he can do that.. he tries to speak slowly, “heeellll ooo oooo”

Robert tried again, “Helllloo”…

Dr Schilder: Good, it’s better, you can speak better, you will get used to sync between your body parts and machines.

Robert: OKk, Dooctoorr..

Dr Schilder: take rest for a few days, once you healed then I’ll refer some physiotherapy for you…

Dr Schilder left from there but only he knew what’s going in his mind, he is still not sure about his decision of transforming a human into a cyborg, it was never tested on any human before he is unaware of any type of side effects or any other impact due to this.


after a few days, Robert’s wound healed and all machine parts are got set at their places, not Robert can start moving a little, seeing this progress in Robert condition, Dr Schilder advice hospital staff to start physiotherapy for Robert. Also, most of body part work on Robert’s reflection on his nervous system but there still some task on his robotics body part which required manual commands, for that Schilder arranged a good technical person from hospital to teach computer and commands to Robert.

Days are passing by, and Robert’s health is improving day by day, but on the other hand, he becomes more aggressive day by day. He became very short tempered and excessive angry even on minor things or mistakes, This is due to machine parts his body stopped generating enough amount of hormones, which generate feelings and empathy within the person but Robert started lacking them, Other reason would be Hospital staff some time used short form of his name “Robo” instead of Robert, and Initially Robert is not ready to accept his new name, as it reminded him he is half machine now.

Due to his Increased anger and venerable mood swing state, all nurses and doctors are afraid to go near him, he can attack them any time, but there is someone with whom Robert behaviour was completely different, She was Merian.

When Robert was fighting darkness for his life, Merian was the ray of light which bring Robert back, Initially he didn’t know but when he opened his eye, the first person he saw in front of him was Merian and her radiant brightness is what tells Robert that she is the one helps him to defect darkness and return back to life. He finds someone he can love after his parents and his Nanny.

Dr Schilder know this as this is obvious from Robert’s behaviour, where he is aggressive with entire hospital staff he was normal with Marian, so Schilder ask Merian if she can take care of Robert till he became stable to return back to society.

Merian: Schilder you know about him, and even after that you want me to take care of him.

Schilder: Yes I know, I have observed his behaviour from a long time, and you are the only one with whom he always maintained his calm…

Schilder: (shows Merian a CCTV recording) See He was about to attack that doctor that day, and when you entered his personality got flipped just like a coin and he suddenly becomes more civilised from a beast, He got a soft corner for you, and it would save a lot of trouble for other hospital staff.

Merian: Ok Doctor, I’ll try but don’t expect much out of me.

Meanwhile somewhere else,

Salvano is standing in front of Albert’s Desk, waiting for Albert so finish enjoying his expensive cigar…, while Albert is enjoying his cigar looking outside the glass window of his tower, after waiting for a moment Albert put his Cigar on edge of the ashtray, looks at Salvano and said, “you filthy piece of scat, what you think of yourself.”

it was like someone put an atom bomb on Salvano and before he could even gather some courage to speak out Albert spoke, “How many times I told you to not use your limited intelligence, what you did was neither I need nor I asked for it. I told you to get that guy in your gang, and what you did?”

Salvano: But boss he was becoming a threat to our business.

Albert: Threat, do you know what is a threat, (Looking deeply into his eyes and with the loudest voice he shouted), I am the Threat.

and Salvano is about to piss in his pants, Albert shouted, “Go away right now”


For Robert hospital is become a part of his life and his home, being the first person who undergoes this type of treatment he already became a subject for hospital and they need to ensure everything is perfect before he goes back to society, and he wouldn’t be any threat to mankind. but who knows what lies in future.  another reason which is stronger then this one is, what held Robert there was not the rules of the hospital but his heart, he can’t think to leave the place where his heart lies and the lady who holds his heart was Merian.

with time running it’s on phase, Roberts love towards Merian is also increased and Merian also somewhat started understating Robert’s situation so she stopped hating him until this incident, When Maria is at Robert’s room running routine checks and for some work she asked a Junior doctor to bring some document from office, but he gave a very abrupt reply, “we have many patients to attend, not like you only for one patient”, Merian didn’t like the response but she kept silence and went out to get the documents by her self, but there is someone who either didn’t like this behaviour and he don’t have any reason to not act, while the junior doctor is just about to move out of room, a robotic arm gram his neck, and took him to room window and throw him out from there. With this shattering sound, when Merian enters Robert’s room, she realised what happens.

She saw that doctor is lying on the ground, and people down quickly came and start Immediate treatment to save his life, that assures Merian he would be safe, but as she turns towards Robert, she saw no regret in Robert’s eye and He is actually looking in Merian’s eyes to see some feeling for him, and only feeling what he saw there were anger and hate. and she walks out from their saying, “you became an Animal, I was my mistake to think that you would change”

After this Incident Merian stopped looking after Robert and for the time being, Dr Schilder comes with other staff member and do routine activities in proper surveillance to avoid any other incident. When all doctors doing their checkups, Roberts always keep talking about Merian with Dr Schilder, and we can call it just a lucky Incident Merian was Passing from there and she just stopped there once she realised they are talking about her, She don’t want to go in front of Robert so she started listening to the conversation behind the door.


but there is a saying, Devil got its plan always ready for the right moment, and it may be the event when only a devil can put such lethal thought in a Nurse mind, and she suddenly spoke out of nothing…, “You always talking about Merian Madam, She is not an Angel, forget her.” though these are general statement but they act like gasoline for Roberts fire of anger, and he grabs a knife from the medical equipment and run towards that nurse to attack and kill her, but it seems her lucky day, Merian came out from the closet and Hold back Robert.

Merian: are you out of your mind, what are you going to do… go and kill every one you see, you are nothing but a useless piece of junk, and its a mistake to save your life…

Schilder: Merian please stop…

While Merian continues, Robert is like seeing her without a blink, he saw her after a long time and he can’t wish anything more today, it’s like all of his wishes are coming true today. on another side, Schilder is seeing this incident and realised Robert’s extraordinary attraction toward Merian and her presence can control the beast inside him. after that incident, Schilder came to Merian’s office to meet her

Merian: Hello Doctor, you should call me I would come to your cabin.

Schilder: Actually there is something I want to discuss with you and for that, I would be better if I come to you.

Merian: What happen doctor.. you are sounding different today.

Schilder: Merian I don’t know how to say, I don’t have words but if I don’t speak it would be not right

Merian: I am not getting you, Please be specific

Schilder: Merian from today’s incident you can make out that Robert got some feeling for you, a beast who is like a storm, thrown away everyone like strays, can be controlled with a word of your voice

Merian: What you want to say,

Schilder: We know that his aggressiveness is due to changes in his body after implanting machine parts and we don’t have any medicine to control that, Why can’t you control him for rest of his life

Merian: He is a beast and you want me to marry him

Schilder: I was thinking about what is good for all of us,

Merian: YOu are selfish Doctor, you want me to sacrifice, just to continue your research and your experiment, I am not your guinea pig

Schilder: i understand, (Giving a file to Merian), but my request just go through it, you should know him better before taking any decision.

Merian took the file and storm out of that cabin…

After some time Merian enter café and got seated on one of the tables and ordered for a coffee after some time a waiter get a cup of coffee for her and she took a sip  and put the cup down, She looks at the cup, with her pink lipstick mark on the edge and then she moved her focus to the file, on which “Robert Shean” was written on top, She picked up file and start reading it……

after a couple of hours, She just turned the last page of the file and put it back on the table, and besides, there are 5-6 empty cups of coffee, Merian face is without any expression shows her deep thoughts. She woke up from there slowly walk towards Roberts room and see him right from observation windows while Robert was sleeping, but a true love even if its one-sided can feel the presence of its love and when love is around how could a lover remain slept, Robert woke up like he knew his love is watching him and waiting for him, but he can’t see anything through the observation window and he just walk toward windows and look outside windows and started seeing the city. and Merian just walked into his room.

Merian: all these lights look really beautiful in the night

Robert:(While looking back)  I saw a dream, that you are sitting beside me looking me sleeping


(at Salvano’s hideout) he is gulping Jack Daniel, just like water and after consuming half of the bottle, throws it on the wall, smashes into tiny glass pieces and that costly scotch spills all over.

Salvano: That bastard Robert, He is still haunting even after he dies like a shit, Albert told me to took care and I did, now he is passing entire blame on me.

One of a guy from Robert’s Gang said,” Boss, he is still alive”

Salvano: Alive!!! hows its possible, I have seen him blasted just in front of my eyes

“Yes boss, but there is some experimental treatment they are giving to him, and he is in City Hospital now”

Salvano: then we need to get rid of him as soon as possible before Albert knew about him


(In hospital) Since last night Merian is in Roberts room, they would have been in the discussion from a long time, now it’s time of breaking down, and a ray of light spread across the sky  forming bright red colour slowly transforming to bright yellow, and its the time when Dr Schilder enter Robert’s Room for his morning visit, and as he enters the Room, He can’t believe what he sees with his eyes, Robert and Maria is Kissing each other. Schilder make some noise, by clearing his throat which makes both Merian and Robert realised the presence of Dr Schilder in the room and they didn’t know how to react and Merian left the room in hurry and its first time in last so many months Schilder can see Robert Blushing, maybe the first time in his life.


From that day onward Robert and Merian started meeting regularly and after about 1 month They both get married, and Schilder thought this marriage will put some checks on Robert’s behaviour and he will return to society as a responsible civilian. But he didn’t know Robert’s past has come back following him When Robert and Merian came out of church post their wedding, and get into the car and moved toward their new home, there is someone regularly keeping eye on all the activities, constantly following Robert each and every place.

While Robert is in the car on his way, and second car following them, Robert look back and realise the situation, He didn’t react at the moment, but after reaching the destination, Marian’s Home, Just like a good husband he opened car gate for Merian and then took her in his arm and entered the home, Inside they both kissed the first time to start their married life and after that Robert said, “Honey why don’t you got to bedroom I’ll come there in a moment, Got something to discuss with Driver.”

Merian: Ok honey make it fast

Robert went out and checked the car followed him is still parked outside, He walked towards the car.  Salvino’s Guys in that car got lil scared and about to start the engine but they hold on, Robert reached near the car and knock on window’s glass

Robert: I can smell pigs like you from miles away, So whatever you are thinking, drop it here

Robert look them directly in their eyes and while taking Robert’s eye glows, They have not known about Robert fully, and this act of Robert, shiver them deep within, After hearing Robert’s voice mixed with mechanical voice first words which came out of these people is “Robo” and they run away from there and Robert is standing there and repeat the words..”Robo” and this brings brightness in his eyes like he gets a new name.

Robo return back home and he spends rest of the day with Merian to set the house and in the night they celebrate their first night and its time when they both become one soul.

While Merian is sleeping but Robert is thinking about the incident and why these people following him, when he thought about that incident his robotic memory automatic played the recoding of that time and he analysing their faces but couldn’t recall any known person. then he sees a telephone on another room, he goes near the telephone and took the line out of device and connect that with his circuits, and then there is a sounds like Tinnn tuuunnng Kirr kurrr teen tuun… It’s the sound of modem dialling to network and within a minute there are details start appearing on his robotic eye and he can see network console there, Since he learn about computers during his treatment its normal for him to surf network, and he knows that he needs to connect to hospital network so he can run search on SSN database with the Image data of that person who followed him today. He passed the required parameters and he can see the progress bar of search start at 0% and progressing very slowly. After waiting for about 40-45 Min Robert got a match for the search, he didn’t has any other option other than to note down his address.

when sunrises, it bring a light, Light which vanishes darkness and make everything clear. People feel comfortable in the light as they can see everything, while in darkness things aren’t visible and they can’t see what’s in it. as general behaviour people afraid of what they can’t see, which make darkness, not a preferable choice for them and they keep on focusing on the light only, but they didn’t know during the day also there are many places which are under darkness. and with sunrise Merian also woke up, and see Robert is not on the bed, She looked in the room but there is no one there, and then she goes near the bathroom and knocks the door but there wasn’t any response so she opened the door and looked inside its all black, she came out and found no one in drawing room, She was about to go out to check in garden, but there was a voice from back, Robert’s Voice, ” Where are you going honey.” She turned around and see Robert is coming out from the kitchen with a tray in his hand. “I woke up lil early so prepared breakfast for you honey.”

She hugged Robert and they start eating breakfast, on the Breakfast table, she asked,” How come you woke up so early”

Robert: it’s a new place for me, would take some time to get used to it.

Merian: Hmm.. Ok

While eating breakfast, Robert start thinking about what he did, after taking address from database, he drove there and he rang the doorbell, that guy opened the door cursing who disturbed him in middle of the night and when he saw Robert on the door, he got pale and completely terrorised, He said,” What are you doing here, and who told you my address.”

Robert: that’s not important, tell me why you were following me, who asked you to do so.

Guy: I know you, you are Robert sheen, but what happened to you…

Robert: Just answer my question, and Call me “Robo”

Guy: you don’t know me, Salvano would kill you again…

(Robert got what he is looking for), that name added insult to his injuries and he grabbed his neck and put his entire pressure till his breath is not stopped and he died

Merian: Where have you lost, you have not eaten anything.

Robert: Ohh nothing just remembering old days…, So if you don’t mind shall I visit Nanny’s old home, I have never been there post my accident, I can’t even attend her funeral…

Merian: Ok, I’ll leave my car here and I’ll take a taxi to the hospital.

After Merian left, Robert also left from there in Merian’s car, but he is going to a different route than his nanny’s, after driving for some time he reached to an old factory, which is not in operation from many decades and located at isolated place, Robert parked the car at a safe place and  started walking silently taking cover to get unwanted attention just like an stealth mode in video games, He is moving toward the main production unit.

He is moving towards his target but it’s not so close to him, when he reached to main plant and look inside there 10 people Guarding the main door, 8 without weapons and 2 with assault rifles, he knows if he went inside like this, It would be a Great mistake which could cost his life as well, so he waited there and analysed the patterns in their movement, He notices, While 8 unarmed are always remain on the same place 2 armed guards are kept on roaming from one edge to another, and in this process they come across  either side of the dark area of gate, Robert silently moved near the dark area and waited there so one of guard come and then he attacked and take him down, now he got a rifle from him Similarly he attacked another one got his rifle as well, and now he started firing on all other guards and killed them all.

Now he entered in the plant, but couldn’t see anything, he looks around and found a way to go further in, when he is about to enter he heard the sound of few footsteps coming towards, he quickly took cover and wait for them to arrive. One by one people entered into the room, and they bought a girl, way they are holding her it seems they abducted her from somewhere, her hand is tied and mouth is sealed with duct tape so she can’t make any noise. They tied her to a chair in the centre of the room and they’ll stand in predefined pattern as they all knew their position and they practised it perfectly.

after some time Salvano entered while faging, Robert can see the terror in that girl’s eye after seeing Salvano in front of him, but he holds on for some time and analysed the position of all people in the room, he got an advantage of some advance computerised robotics where he can easily record their activities and plan his action accordingly, he realised expect Salvano everyone is in a fixed place, total 6 people with weapon but not ready and  only Salvano is moving and doing all the talking.

Robert already prepared an action plan to shoot everyone where his high definition camera eye act as bullseye to fix the target and his robotics will help him to hit all target in precise order, and as he planned within 5 seconds all six people are lying on the floor hit by bullets from Robert’s rifle, and Salvano was shocked like he see something impossible there, and then Robert came out of darkness and stand in front of Salvano,

With half face covered with a machine, still, another half face is enough for Salvano to recognise the terror in front of him,

Salvano:  my people told me about you, I thought they were high, now I know

Robert: its all because of you, and you need to pay for this..

Salvano: ohh I was trying to recall your name, Robert… Robert is your name..

Robert hold his collar and bring his face close to his face and then looking into eyes Robert said, “Robo…., my name is Robo… and that’s what I am…” and throw him towards a pillar.

after that Impact, Salvano hardly able to stand, Robo walk toward him and near the pillar, from a pile of scrap, he took an axe and with a clear shot, he cut Salvano’s head off and he was lying Dead on the floor, while Robo can see all the blood on his hand.

He came near the girl and untied her and let her go, while he is about to leave, he heard The phone ringing, Out of curiosity he just picked up the receiver on the other end

“Killing Salvano won’t solve your problems, You just open your door for them…”

Robo: What do you mean…

“your good time begins now… Robo…”

Robo: and who’s this


To Be Continued…

Written By- Sonya Singh for Comic Haveli

Disclaimer – These stories are written and published only for entertainment. comic haveli and writers had no intent to hurt feeling of any person , community or group. If you find anything which hurt you or should not be posted here please highlight to us so we can review it and take necessary action. comic haveli doesn’t want to violent any copyright and these contents are written and created by writers themselves. The content is as fan made dedications for comic industry. if any name , place or any details matches with anyone then it will be only a coincidence.

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