Robo : The Rise of Grandmaster!!! (2 of 2)

Revenge, its the only true and pure emotion any human can have, there would be many mixed emotions like Joy, sad, anger, fear, disgust. This defines how you feel and behave, your experience of all these emotions build your personality and that is different person to person. but out of all emotions, revenge is the only powerful emotions that has the capability to suppress other emotions, it can change one’s personality dramatically.

Robo hangup the receiver and as soon as he turned back to go out from there, all Salvano’s guys standing on the gate looking at him, Robo asked them, “For whom you were working…”

everyone looked at Salvano’s dead body and then after some time one of them said, “For him”

Robo: Now you will work for me, who are not willing may leave now

everyone looked at each other and after keeping on silent for a few minutes they all shouted together, “Robo… Robo… Robo…Robo…”

and Robo standing there looking at his new army, no one sees but there is a spark and a new light in his digital eye. if Hitler addressing his army he would also look the same. this is the moment when his pure emotion Revenge took over his personality and once it fulfilled it changed that completely to Robo, and he took his First step to become king of the underworld.

Robo drives back to his home, The sun had set, and dusk settled over the sky when he reached home. Merian waiting for him at home and when she heard the sound of car engine she opens the gate and Robert enter in. She noticed blood all over his hand and clothes and got worried…

Merian: Robert what happen this blood

Robert: it’s not mine…

Merian: then whose

Robert: There a guy met with the accident it’s his, I just help to get him hospital that’s why got delayed…

Merian: ohh take care

after that Robert clean himself and they enjoyed their dinner and that night he feels satisfied after a long time… this is the first time in his life he actually tastes the blood of revenge and it’s not an act of anger but act in cold blood for his self and to achieve what makes him complete. This is the first time he feels power and satisfaction. That night he sleeps with a smile and calm mind.

Next day when Meriam woke up she read about the massacre in the old factory, and she understands what Robert has done but she thought that this is one of the act as Salvano is responsible to Robert’s condition so she decides to ignore this as of now.

Days went on and with each past day, Robert is becoming more Robo. Robo started becoming a brand in entire London and his legends also started spreading across Europe. While Robo is enjoying his fame and spread of empire, there a someone who started getting afraid of Robo’s popularity, “Kingpin” Albert.

Albert standing in his office, On the top floor of highest building in entire Europe, looking through glass windows enjoying his expensive cigar… and on windows glass while looking at his shadow he also seeing images from the past, how he killed people break each and every bond to reach where he is today, all the images are in from of his eyes when he standing across the table in the same office and his father was standing on his place…

Father: I build this empire on trust and respect, it’s an unsaid agreement between all the gangs here and we all have borders between our businesses, they provide some service to us and in return, we provide our services to them

Albert: But father we are far superior then these low-grade goons they should work as per our instruction not as we request them for anything…

Father: I understand your feeling my son, but remember to control your desire and take whatever is required and what all you want…

Albert: But father…

Father: Discussion is over now you may go…

Albert looks at his father and says “ok father” and go near spreading his arm to Hug his father and Fater also came and hugged him… and then Albert silently said in his ears..”I am sorry Father…” and suddenly its blood everywhere… Albert’s father was lying on the floor with a slit throat and

Albert was standing beside with a blood-stained knife in his hand.

Albert: (loudly) Now I will rule every single crime, they all work for me and I’ll be their king…

Albert returned back from his flashback and turned back to a guy standing there,

Albert: Europe is mine, and I own every single person in my business here, and I won’t accept any rebel here…, I want Robo dead at any cost…

Time is flowing like water and with time Robo’s involvement in Crime and criminal activities are growing day by day and Robo is becoming inhuman as he is missing emotions and mercy due to the effect of the machine on his body and when Merian couldn’t take it any longer she decided to leave Robo and return back to her parents place. This act of Julia make Robo very angry he literally behave like a madman, and if there is any other person did it instead of Merian it would definitely be the last day for that person but Robo’s love for Merian hold him to take any action but the feeling of revenge was still there and he waited till right time.


Merian was pregnant when she left Robo, and after some time she gave birth to a very lovely baby girl, named “Natasha”. and this is the time Robo is waiting for a long time, He can’t punish Merian because He loves her so much he can’t even think to harm her but he also wants to take revenge so he decided a way through which he will punish her and also not harm her . Robo took Natasha and separated her from Merian. After some time he put Natasha on his bed and sat beside it on chair closely looking at Natasha, who looks like an angel so small and so delicate now he even afraid of touching her again, so he couldn’t harm her.

His parents are dead when he was a kid, he never had any real relative throughout the life, only a few known people also left him throughout his life, but today, today he is seeing someone who is his own, he got blood relation with her and he is just looking at her. Robo didn’t even realise when he got slept and  he sees him, he who was not Robo but Robert and Merian was there with him and he is holding Natasha in his arms and Merian was standing beside, then suddenly from somewhere a bullet came and hit Merian where she dies there in from of his eyes and then he sees the second bullet coming towards Natasha he is holding in his arms, he turned back to save Natasha from that bullet but he got hit at his back and he fell on ground and he covered Natasha so she will be safe…, and she is crying loudly on the ground and Robert covering her… Suddenly Robo woke up realise Natasha is crying as she also woke up. Robo didn’t understand what to do so he asked one of his men to come and see, He advised she must be hungry and need milk for her. Robo asked them to get some but they don’t keep any milk in that place so they need to go out and break a shop to get some milk.

Robo admiring his daughter and he realised he found someone now who he loved more than anything in his entire life and he decided to give all the love and everything to his daughter, what he didn’t get in his life, except a mother but he will make sure she didn’t even realise the need of her.

12 years passed away here Robo is doing a great job as a father, he is raising Natasha like a princess as her mother would have raised her or may better. while on another side kingpin also doing his bit and regularly attacking Robo with his sharpshooter or famous killers but every time Robo Manage to outwit Albert’s Pawns and with each victory, he is also growing this empire becoming a threat to Kingpin and his business.


One day Robo is sitting in his cabin, taking account of the dealing and their status, he realised a knock on the door, he looks up and saw his Deputy chief John is standing there waiting Robo’s permission to enter…

Robo: Please come in John.

John: Good Afternoon Master (People started calling Robo as Master as their Boss)

Robo: Tell me, John, what happens…

John: Master, Mr Tokhishaka is here to meet you to show some new weapon technology

Robo: Ok, I would like to meet them, Please take them to Meeting hall I’ll reach there in a few minutes

John took Mr Tokhishaka and his assistance in the meeting hall and waiting for Robo to come, in meantime, John tries to investigate, “So Mr Tokhishaka, what is this new technology you are referring to…”

Tokhishaka: Sorry Mr John, but we are instructed to discuss this only with Master Robo and no one else

John: You can tell me, I am his deputy Chief and also Right hand of Robo

Tokhishaka: Sorry, but our Instructions are very clear

Robo also enters the room in meanwhile and everyone stand and once Robo reached to his seat he asked everyone to be seated.

Robo: Good afternoon Mr Tokhishaka, hope you had a comfortable flight

Tokhishaka: Thanks Marter Robo, just because of you, we got a chance to enjoy a trip in business class

Robo: Please is mine, is my duty to make our guest feel comfortable, So shall we start our discussion

Tokhishaka: Sure Master, but our instructions are clear we need to discuss this only with you and no one else, may I request your Deputy chief to give us some solitary time.

Robo asked John to leave the room, John gave a quick surprised look and, as he knew the wrath of Robo, so he left the room without any question.

After about 3 hours of meeting, they all came out of the room, and say Bye to everyone it seems they are all happy with the discussion. John left from there and started walking outside the building and after reaching a specific place, he takes out a transmitter and said, “Robo is planning something very Big and Secret”. on other side Albert got this Message on his table on a paper slip, He took that slip and tear into pieces and hold tight into his fist with full of anger on his face. he said “Now its time for ‘Plan B’.


Everyone knows there is something going to happen and that something is targetting Robo, and things are going as default until Robo asked John to arrange his Trip to Paris, and this is the first time he asked to arrange only travel and no security arrangements in Paris. John thought this would be some supersecret business deal, as Robo goes on critical deal alone. He Passed on information to Kingpin and told about Robo’s Plan, Kingpin told, “Now let’s do it”.

On another side, Robo’s flight got landed in Paris, and after some time, he walks out of the airport and entered into the car waiting for him. Inside the car he met with Tokhishaka,

Tokhishaka: Welcome to Paris, Master Robo

Robo: So everything arranged

Tokhishaka: Yes, we successfully moved all required Equipment from Japan to Here in Paris so this entire mission will remain secret

Robo: Hmm, I am listening…

Tokhishaka took a tablet, which is a futuristic technology at that time, Normal people didn’t even see that till now and he shows some details to Robo (Robo’s body image with details started appearing)

Tokhishaka: We have analysed your current robotic body, Which is good for Survival but not enough power and has lots of potentials to explore, In the next few days, We will start by replacing your existing metal body with super strong metal parts which can survive any bullet or bomb blast, That will help you and also overall circuitry against any damage.

next, some upgrades are required, this technology is outdated and soon became extinct and your software is easily available in the market so it also prone to attack by hackers, so we will also install a new system which a way forward to current technology, it will available to the general public may be 50 years later, this allows you to interface with any system in this world and a new software created only for you, and unbreakable but got ability to crack any other software.

Now Coming to Weapons, We are enhancing your Arm so you can wear some replaceable weapons on it, Like Power Blaster, Flamethrower, Megaguns, Grenade Launcher and many more, There is a fixed gun mechanism inbuilt for that you just need to load the bullets and fire.  But these all are like normal weapons and may not available all the time, but there is one weapon superior to all these, Weapon of feature technology, we are changing your normal camera eye with a powerful telescopic lens camera and Laser, This laser would be most lethal and extremely accurate.

Robo: Impressive!!!

Tokhishaka: It’s not over yet, there is a very important thing pending…

Robo: What’s that

Tokhishaka: That is the memory, as of now we see you only got your brain to remember things and the machine only got lil cache to process commands and while a small store to store your OS. We are implementing a technology of storage, Holographic Cube storage, Though there are news scientist are working on it and there is no way to use holographic storage but fact is we are keeping it as secret. You will get a couple of Zettabyte of storage with extremely high read/write speed and that will be connected with your brain memory so while your brain will work normally you can store data here and recall it any time you need, you can store documents, video, audio and any details here, once you get used to it and master the usage you can even back up your mind into the cube, we will upload manual for this new system in memory so you can refer it any time so you don’t even need to waste time in training.

Robo: I am really impressed doctor and once this got implemented and I’ll fulfil my promise, you will 100times of what you could earn in your lifetime.

After some time Robo is lying on a table and Tokhishaka’s team started working on Robo, It’s like a Big Operation for him.

At Robo’s headquarter, John called all the people loyal to Robo and send them away for some business work, they don’t even realise the plan of treacher and consider it as Business as usual. Once they left, John called Albert

John: I have sent Robo’s Guys away, its time to let our people get in.

Albert: I’m sending them, now they will follow your orders

John: Ok got it…

Albert’s army took over entire Robo’s headquarters and John ordered one of his guys, “Natasha’s is about to return from his school, you go to Robo’s home and ask her to come here, Tell her that her father is calling”

In Paris, after 48 hours of a process, Robo is completely updated and now he is testing all his new machines. after taking brief details from Tokhishaka, he took leave from there and start came back to Europe. At the airport, he waited for his driver but no one turned up, “These bastards, they knew I am coming back and they don’t even have enough courtesy to pick me up.” he keeps trying calling but its only ring going on in his headquarter and no one picking up. at last, he gave up and called a taxi and rushed toward headquarter.

after reaching there, he realised, there is no guard outside the building and can sense something wrong. he entered and found the guards are not who he recruits they are all different, he keeps on walking till he reached the centre of the building near his cabin. Before he turns the knob to open his cabin, he quickly calculates all the scenario possible inside the cabin, His robotic eye Visualise scenario of attacker beyond table or front of a table or blank room with number of attackers… one he cleared he opened the gate and look inside, and he found no one inside, It was an empty room and there is no one in entire building. he observed the room closely, and the checked entire building but couldn’t find even a mice there.

Far from there, the kingpin is watching it over a closed-circuit camera screen,  he picked up the receiver and said let’s begin now.


Robo walking through an isolated corridor trying to find someone in the building, as he moves ahead he couldn’t notice things behind him started to manipulate and change soon he reached at the end and open the door and he sees on another side of corridor is and void, there was nothing but a deep hill, he couldn’t believe what he saw, he took a step back closed the door and turn back to go back, he saw floor is started vanishing and down below lava is flowing beneath, sooner it will reach to him and in a few moment floors under him also gone and he started falling down in lava, He closed his eyes and in a moment he found himself landed in a room has only walls around, White walls and no door, its like he got trapped inside a box with no way out.  when he sees no way out he notices a small girl came up from floor opening some hidden door, he recognises that girl, she was Natasha when she was a kid, she was waiting there, as she want Robo to enter into that passage, Robo being a father couldn’t resist his love for his daughter and go near her, suddenly she vanished from there and tile below Robo foot again got vanished and he started falling again, Now he passed through mountains and rocks and reach to underworld, He can see all the people he killed in his entire life lying on ground tied with red hot iron chains seems they are punished for their deeds and in the centre there was a devil red devil with Pointed horns and trident.

He looks left and right, then he walks toward the devil and as he saw devil is about to attack him, he started running away from him. as devil throw fire he dodges it by jumping in an alternate direction, it was like a game where Robo is about to lose and the devil can kill him with his fire of hells kitchen if he didn’t dodge that on the right time. Robo is moving toward a tree and this the time when devil attacked him with his trident, and he can easily evade this, but what he is doing, instead of going away, he continues to run toward a tree, and fire blast from devil’s pitchfork is about to hit and he is about to touch the tree, its the moment when both strike together, and with blast there was light everywhere. What happened there he can easily evade the attack but he chooses to die, Robo can’t die at this moment there is a lot he needs to do before he dies…

On the other side, Albert was stick to his computer screen looking at Robo and wide smiley curve on is face telling how much he is enjoying the entire scenario, it was the moment when he enjoyed Robo’s death, but I also thought so, if I didn’t see change in Alberts emotions, where his smiley curve suddenly turned to 180 degrees making his face a sad face. the answer to his reaction was on his computer screen, on Camera he can see Robo is alive and he is caught neck of his man (Hypnotica).

In Robo’s office –

Hypnotica : How could you break my hypnotism, it’s impossible

Robo: Yes actually I couldn’t break your illusion but you made a mistake which helped me.

Hypnotica : What, there is no flaw…

Robo: You used my daughter, My human mind accepted your illusion and have fallen into it, but my robotic mind denied to process information where my daughter is younger then she should be as per my data. that trigger event to my system, while my conscious human mind in your illusion and playing the game you set for me, my subconscious mind working with my microprocessors and get controls over the building CCTV camera’s and saw your actual position and that’s why I can easily get hold on you, and once you get caught your illusion also got broke and I am all awake.

Hypnotica : Ohh… But you’ll get nothing out of me…

Robo raised his one Robotic arm and take aim of Hypnotica and shoot him at his head. He falls down dead…

Robo looked toward CCTV camera and said, ” When I got connected to CCTV network I Got another link to the network, I already traced it backwards and know where you are, Start counting your last moment I am coming for you…

Robo reached near his luggage and opened a box out of it, and said…

Robo: I have never expected that I’ll use you so soon

He took an arm extension out of that box and append that to his arm, he goes to his garage and choose a black colour SUV and started driving toward his destination. he is furiously rushing toward Albert, Kingpin Building, It was a war about to start and Robo and Kingpin knew it is coming. after driving from an hour he reached a tall building. This is the building from where underworld of entire Europe and some major countries are being controlled. this building is a fort in itself and he is here for battle with the king of this fort. and kingpin standing in his cabin top of the tower waiting for him.


as Robo entered into the building, Tv on reception started and there was Natasha tied on a chair, and near her standing  Kingpin and John. Robo gets lil surprised seeing John there, but John presence clears all the doubts in his head. Albert said,”Don’t be surprised seeing John here, He is my man right from starting. now if you can come to the top floor of the building you can see your daughter else you’ll be dead..” and the screen went off.

That building is a fort kingpin hold and its not easy for anyone to just to walk up in that like anything, but it would be a tough path to walk on.

The building is primarily divided into 4 Parts,

first five floors are for public access and would have no security at all only simple guards to act on command, an elevator goes till there, post that the only Kingpin can use it to go beyond or the only way is stairs.

2nd : floor 6 to 8 are where all the goons working for kingpin are there.

3rd: floor 9-10 is where all weapon repository and all weapon master works, they would be only a few in numbers but each of them is equal to 100 guys

4th : is Kingpin Suite and there is only him no one else.


Robo enters in lift and button for the top floor, but it didn’t accept the command, he tried it twice or thrice but no response, so he pressed the next button available 5th and liftgate closed. at 5th-floor lift arrives and the gate opened, Robo came out and started walking in isolated galary heading towards stairs to go up.

upstairs on 6th floor, everyone is in position waiting for Robo, but they kept on waiting and no one came, then suddenly door opened up and 5 mice enter, which all carrying some packets on their back, they all started spreading up and in some time packets on their back started releasing gas which makes everyone in room unconscious in few moments, then Robo enters there, and pass away the entire floor picked few rifles and grenades  and moved towards 7th floor, there he opened the door and before entering grenades enters and blewup, blasts are enough to kill a dozen of people and gather attention for rest, but before they could take any action, robo is now on his rifles and its show why people call him master, he is like one man army and against army of hundreds and his rifles sweeping the floor like someone killing mosquitos over there, once he reached the end of floor, his last rifle also lack bullet and when the last man remain he throw the rifle aside and shoot his head with his inbuilt arm pistol. he looked around the floor and realised all the rifles pistols are already used and he can’t gather them, so he moved ahead without any rifles to 8th Floor.  There also everyone was waiting and as stairs gate opens everyone start firing on stairs don’t want to take any risk and after 10 min of continues firing when they consumed all the ammo in their rifles they try to look in stairs if they could locate dead robo, but instead a huge flame of fire came from there, its Robo with his new arm which he got before coming here, he easily crossed the entire floor leaving all burned men behind.

While Robo fighting a battle to reach his daughter, on the top floor of that building, Natasha is tied on a chair in front of kingpin, she is constantly staring Albert, but he keeps ignoring and after some time he told John, “tell her to keep her eye’s down”. In response Natasha gave a hard look, She would probably speak in her own way if her mouth is not tapped. and meanwhile to keep the conversation going, Albert getup from his chair and walk toward Natasha and said, “you know where you are… I killed my father at same place long back.” on this Natasha gave a surprised look.

Albert continues, ” But that was required… the reason is simple if I wouldn’t do that someone else would have, his time as kingpin was over and he became a weak link of the entire system.”

Albert took a pause for while and after some time he spoke… Looking into Natasha’s eye

“There was a time I like your father and the way he works, That was the time when he was not Robo but only Robert, but in the underworld, everyone knows how to save their place, and your father became a victim of an act of anxiety”

“He survived and raised as Robo…”

“Today again I need to take a decision, it was not tough as I took back then but it’s still a decision and act I have to do to preserve my position here. ”

as soon as Albert spoke his last words, the main gate of his chamber broke and Robo enter with few drone type weapons beside him, and a used rocket launcher he just used to break in. he throws launcher aside and walks towards Albert.

Robo : you have done enough madness, now it’s over…

Albert : so you defeated masters, I can see somehow you have hacked to my experimental weapons and gain control over them

Robo: yes and now you see how they work

and Robo Command drone to attack Albert, But before they would act on Robo’s command, Albert press a button on his watch and all the drones in the room became dead.

Albert: That’s good one but before creating any weapon I always create the antidote.

in between John try to attack Robo, Robo Shoot him on his forehead and he died on the spot

Albert: So now it’s between you and me

Robo: yes

Albert took a step back, Took off his blazer and put it on his desk, and remove his cuff link, fold his sleeves to get ready for this last battle, in meanwhile Robo also untied Natasha and check if she is all right.

Albert got time to attack he pulled Robo’s arm with one hand and Hit a punch with another, He is really a powerful guy, If he hit this puch on a wall it would have fallen without any delay, here Robo tossed few feet away… after this shook Robo handled himself and stood up, and he know giving any chance to Albert would cost him his life,  without any delay reached near Kingpin and hit a punch with all of his might but Albert only got shocked a lil nothing more, seeing that Robo realised he can’t beat him in duel so he tried to use his flame thrower, when Albert realised what he is planning to do, he hold Robo’s left arm and throw away his extension, at least he can’t use that lethal weapon on him.

there was a duel you can see between two great warriors of that time, who both have unmatched will power which overcome any physical challenge, there was no judgement we are seeing till Robo gets his flamethrower back and after attaching that to his arm he is about to fire Albert got a chance to use Natasha as hostage in between him and Robo.

now though Robo got weapon superior enough to kill Albert on other side Albert has a shield which can block any attack from Robo, as Robo himself die before hurting his own daughter. She is everything for him, Right from his parents, to Nanny, to Merian, to Natasha, She is his entire world, and he can’t ever think to hurt her.


as his emotional state changing swiftly, his anger on Albert also growing, which start turning his robotic eye, red and it becomes redder and brighter every next second, Albert sees it and even before he can realise what’s going on, a laser beam from Robo eye hit Albert and his head blast there on.

This is the first time when Robo use his most supreme weapon and which not only save his daughter but changed his entire fate. killing Kingpin automatically made him new kingpin and now he is king of the entire underworld.

This is the moment when he is no longer remain master his gang but today he stood as Grand Master…

He is Grand Master Robo…

The entire event is running in front of Robo’s eye, he is seeing his lifeline dipping every other moment still waiting for his daughter…..

The End

Written By- Sonya Singh for Comic Haveli

Disclaimer – These stories are written and published only for entertainment. comic haveli and writers had no intent to hurt feeling of any person , community or group. If you find anything which hurt you or should not be posted here please highlight to us so we can review it and take necessary action. comic haveli doesn’t want to violent any copyright and these contents are written and created by writers themselves. The content is as fan made dedications for comic industry. if any name , place or any details matches with anyone then it will be only a coincidence.



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