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Greetings friends from team of Comic Haveli. Today we are going to have a voting about upcoming sequels of two best series. In year 2017 we published a story series Dark Realms with a total 14 parts, which was based on our original characters written by Samvart Harshit.  After finishing Dark Realms We launched and finished another series Earth-61, which was based on characters of famous Indian publishers Raj Comic written by also Samvart Harshit. The hero from Dark Realms, Sameer Gupta aka The Guardian was also featured in last sequence of Octohead.  After your so much appreciation and love towards both series now We are planning for second phase of both story series, and just want to know which story you want to read first. You can vote in poll given below.

If you have not read Dark Realms yet, Click Here to read.

For Earth-61 complete series click here. Story with maximum votes will be published first.

The Guardian

Which story series you want to read first?

  • Dark Realms Phase - 2 (72%, 34 Votes)
  • Earth- 61 Phase - 2 (28%, 13 Votes)

Total Voters: 47

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